2023 Bristol Two Litre Cup: Results

The Bristol Two Litre Cup season has come to a spectacular close, leaving fans and drivers in awe of the breathtaking competition witnessed throughout the year. With a packed schedule of races across various tracks, the season saw some of the most intense racing battles in recent memory.

Aaron Sharp emerged as the shining star of the season, securing the top position in the points standings. With consistent performances across the season, he proved to be a formidable force in the Bristol Two Litre Cup. Sharp’s impressive tally of 99.89 points cemented his reputation as one of the series’ most talented drivers.

Not far behind Sharp, Ben Marshall showed immense skill and determination throughout the season. He accumulated 99.87 points, making the title race one of the closest in the history of the Bristol Two Litre Cup. Marshall’s unwavering consistency kept fans on the edge of their seats as he relentlessly pursued victory.

The Bristol Two Litre Cup wasn’t just about the top contenders. The competition remained fierce throughout the entire field, with several drivers displaying their exceptional talent. Phil Oliver, James Hurford, and Huw Bowen, among others, showcased their skills, keeping the competition exhilarating.

The season also saw a remarkable comeback from Pekka Tulokas and Dave Greenslade, who started scoring points mid-season and managed to make their mark on the leaderboard. These drivers proved that it’s never too late to make a strong impact in motorsport.

The season was not without its share of challenges, as drivers faced varying conditions and demanding tracks. From the thrill of racing at Wiscombe to the technicality of Prescott and the speed of Castle Combe Circuit, each race presented unique obstacles that tested the drivers’ abilities.