The Trophy Room

The club has a large collection of trophies going back to the days when it was known simply as ‘The Bristol Motor Cycle Club’. The earliest is probably the Bristol Motor Cycle Club Challenge Cup presented by James A King in August 1913.

The first trophy to bear the full name ‘Bristol Motor Cycle & Light Car Club’ was the 1922 challenge cup presented by Captain H C Walters for the trial that also carried his name. It’s quite impressive at just over 36cms high and weighing nearly 1½ kg.

The Trophy Photo Album

Some interesting stories:

How the awards are allocated today:

Event awarded for Trophy Date
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 1 The Henly Cup 1938
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 2 Woodberry Chillcot Cup 1924
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 3 Bryan Brothers Ltd EPNS
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 4 Renwicks V-W Trophy EPNS
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 5 Rumsey Trophy 1928
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 6 Highland Circle EPNS
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 7 The Rootes Cup 1929
Allen Trial – 1st in Class 8 Poole Trophy 1913
Allen Trial – Best BMC member Gilbert Best Memorial Trophy 1927
Allen Trial – Best navigator Bob Wood Trophy EPNS
Allen Trial Outright Winner The Allen Trophy 1937
All-Rounders Championship –
Overall winner
Chappell Cup 1925
All-Rounders Championship –
Bristol 2000 C.C. Cup EPNS
Best magazine article (2011 -) Barton Motors Cup 1869
Bristol MC Speed Championship Simon Hemmings Memorial Trophy
Clubman of the Year Wynn’s Shield
Dick Mayo Sprint FTD Dick Mayo Memorial Trophy 2004
Dick Mayo Sprint -Best Bristol The Two-Litre Cup 1932
Fedden Trial – First Overall Roy Fedden 1904
Fedden Trial – Runner-up Alexander Duckham Cup SS
Fedden Trial – winner’s passenger Roy Fedden Trial
Bouncers Trophy
Great Western Sprint – FTD Hastings Trophy 1948
Great Western Sprint –
Best BMC member
Castle Combe Plate 1902
Llandow Sprint – Best BMC Horace Gould Motors Trophy EPNS
Marshal of the Year The James Trophy EPNS
MX5 Challenge Winner (2015 -) The Hayward Challenge Cup 1913
Pegasus Sprint (BPMC) –
Best BMC Member
Catherine Hicks Cup 1926
“King of Combe” – Best performance by a BMC member over both sprints The Watkins Trophy 1951
Wessex Sprint – Best Bristol MC member The Avon Trophy EPNS
Winter AutoSolo
Best BMC member (2014 -)
Cruickshank Motors Rose Bowl 1948
Summer AutoSolo
Best BMC member (2014 -)
Full Moon Cup 1925
Wiscombe 5-Clubs –
Best Bristol member
Joe Fry Trophy 1951